Barcode Asset Tracking 

In this digital age it was only a matter of time before I looked at some techy apps. Now there are many apps out there for many different mobile devices. Some are amazing and generally life changing and some are just rubbish.

However this being a blog for techy freaks its only right that I explore an app which is super techy – try and make sense of it and share my thoughts here. SO, today I am looking at an App made for Barcode Asset Tracking.

You are probably thinking: “Franci, that is the most random choice of app you could ever come up with – are you on crack?!”

Well, you would be right! Except for the crack bit….!! A friend of mine who goes by the name of Ewen Bunkake works for a company which has just started using this software so I thought id do a little research and have a look at what this app can do.

ExPD who have developed the app; OmniCheck, have designed a really impressive, comprehensive piece of kit which I have thoroughly enjoyed learning about. OmniCheck doesn’t just do Barcode tracking but it’s a genuine solution for almost any inspection requirement.

OmniCheck boasts the flexibility to function entirely as a standalone application or it can be fully integrated with existing systems to control the flow of data to and from your mobile computers!


ExPD reckon that this app is ideal for Health and Safety checks, vehicle safety checks, food safety standards and more… Including those responsible for pest control…

Any way – I highly recommend this app for your business if you fit into any of these categories. It isn’t much use to you if you have a career in babysitting or gardening but for those that need to monitor stats and records – this is the one!


Digital Cameras

10 reasons to go Intrinsically Safe!

In last months post I looked at heat meters and linked you to a site not only beautifully made but is probably the go to place when it comes to distributing these particular products.

Now, if you are anything like me, I like to have a good nose around a website looking for techy products and i came across something on the 247Able site which i thought was super cool.

Digital Camera’s! Intrinsically Safe Cameras!

This isn’t your every day point and shoot camera… Lets be honest, we all have those built into our cell phones – but I can guarantee that none of them are Explosion Proof! There’s not even an app for that!

Introducing: The CorDEX ToughPIX II.

Explosion Proof Camera
Explosion Proof Camera

Below are 10 possible reasons why this is super cool!

1.) Pixels Make Perfect

When purchasing a digital camera, you want to aim for the highest amount of pixels available within your budget. Obviously the more pixels you have, the higher the resolution the result will be. The industry that these handy cams are aimed at, attention to detail is paramount and can ultimately jeopardised the safety of those at work.

2.) Thug Life

When your work in a challenging environment the last thing you want to worry about is you precious digital camera. ToughPIX is a great name for this camera, it take no crap from no one! This camera has an armoured screen so it can deal with the day to day impacts of life without letting you down!

3.) Documentation & Presentation

This camera isnt just for the occasional selfie – The ToughPIX comes with some great software which will help you document your findings helping you build a comprehensive database of everything store on your camera


4.) Your Battery has died and your next!!

The beauty of the ToughPIX is that this just isnt true!! It comes with a removable rechargeable battery so you can keep going for as long as you like… Of course if you forget to charge the batteries you really only have your self to blame and you may as well consider your self dead.

5.) Excellent Customer Service

This is something which I believe to be a rare commodity these days. However, the good people at CorDEX suggest that supporting the customer and product is of an utmost importance. I guess you will need to be the judge.

6.) Check your Crystal Ball

Knowing the future is a specific skill set I wont pretend to own but when it comes to future proofing and techy product you may purchase, research and logic is the key. For example, with a digital camera, there are gona be certain aspects of it which will perish over time, no matter how hard a thug it is! The logical choices for me would be multiple batteries and a back up lens!

7.) A Picture is worth a Thousand Words…

…unless its a shoddy picture! Digital cameras often have an auto focus which can be an utter ball ache when it focus’s on the one thing you dont want to focus on… So, FOCUS! …on the reasonably sized LCD screen and you will be able to manage this issue easily.

8.) Harsh Environments!

Have you ever had your smart phone or tablet turn its self off because the environment it is in is way too hot or way too cold? I have and its always just before I want to take my next facebook profile pic! Well, You wont have that problem with the ToughPIX. As far as I can see it thrives in brutal conditions. Its simple to use and protected in explosive environments. So, make sure you do take lots of selfies because even if you wont survive an explosion, your camera will!

9.) The Essential Flash 😉

The ToughPIX is equipped with a high intensity flash so its ideal for any environment, indoor, outdoor, day or night. It has the capabilities of lighting a large are and close up targets.

10.) Accessories

Im fairly certain that one in five camera phones has a smashed screen and its usually always because its fallen out of your pocket or something daft. There are a couple of accessories which I would recommend investing in not because there is a fear of the product being damaged but more the fear of the camera getting lost or stolen.

Heat Meters

For my first article I want to look at something which I consider to be quite topical right now as temperatures here have dropped well into the minus, which if you are anything like me, you will be counting down the days to the summer!

Occasionally I have the opportunity to work in a variety of labs all over the UK and Europe. I always find the equipment they have to measure various different elements fascinating and like any industry there are competitors, winners and loosers.

I want to focus on one specifically made by Kamstrup. This is the brand that seems to appear in the majority of the labs I have worked in which leads me to believe they are probably one of the best.

They offer a variety of Heat and Cooling Meters with a selection of options both with inlets and outlet features.

Below, I found a great video made by ABLE, who incidentally appear to have a fantastic supply of Kamstrup products.